Kate & Meka

How did you two meet?
Meka: We both grew up in the Mesquite, TX area and we had mutual friends. We had one mutual friend in particular where we had shindigs and get togethers at her house. So I was there with my best friend, who was my best man, and I saw Kate there. And I said: “Hey! That’s Kate Foster.  You know, she’s popular, big time sports athlete, she’s beautiful…” You know...stuff like that. And my best friend told me I should talk to her so I said: “Sure! Cool, I’ll go talk to her”. So I walked up to her and said: “Hey Kate! Nice to meet you. I’m Meka.” And she said: “Oh that’s nice” and then she turned around and went back to what she was doing. (We laugh here during the interview, Kate says no to all of this, and then Meka comes back in.) So I slink back with my pride, my best friend said “Ahhhh, that’s not good” but I persisted and came back at a different time and it worked out pretty well.
Kate: No, no, I was probably busy because I was probably at the chip bowl. At parties I was always at the chip bowls. I only went to parties for food and dogs. (We both then agree that parties without chips and queso is a waste of time.) But no, we just always had mutual friends and one time, he saw me at a drive through Whataburger late at night and hit me up and yeah...
What's one part of each other's story that you value the most?
Kate: I value that he has always set out to make a name for himself. People have always put him aside as whatever, but through all the adversity he’s faced in life, and no matter what type of positions he’s been put in - such as new coaches in colleges or bad friendships - he always set out to make a name for himself. He always did it with such pride and didn’t say anything negative when he did it. He wanted to always be the person he wanted to be…
Meka: Growing up, I always knew of Kate Foster because she was a good athlete and good in class, but what I value the most is that she’s always been the most humble person. She’s always honest. A lot of people could take that power and do something negative with it, or use it to their advantage in a bad way. But that never crossed her mind. That’s not the type of person she is.
If your life together tells a story going forward, what kind of story do you want it to be? What do you want your story to say?
Kate: We want our story to speak of dedication. Not only of dedication to each other, but also to the people around us, to our students, and to our families as well. We’ve both been college athletes, and going through high school and college we’ve both been dedicated to those things. Once we both started teaching high school, we both needed to remain dedicated to sharing that same love and passion with our athletes and students at school.
When people visit your home, what do you want your home to say? What do you want people to know when they're here?
Kate: I want them to feel welcome because a lot of people have opened their doors to me and to Meka as well. Growing up people always welcomed their homes up to us and we like the idea of everyone being welcomed at the Lord’s table. When they come in our home, we don’t want them to have to put on a facade of who they’re not, but rather be real.
What's the first thing you want your messageboard to say?
Okafor-ever hungry!
How do you think your messageboard will reflect your personality as a couple? Will it be funny? Serious? Well-spoken? Inspirational? Etc?
Meka: I think it will be a good part funny, a good part inspirational. We joke around, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but when we need the extra push to get us through the week or through practices, we’ll put something inspirational on it.
Finish the sentence: We hope that our home and our story always…
Stays authentic.

Photography by Barbie Hahn

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